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Rasgulla Recipe

Ramadan is going to end in a day or two, i feel bad it's going to end...a month in which one good deed of ours is folded minimum 10 times, a month in which you learn the importance of food and if we are lucky and god grace we might be successful in Laylatul Qadr (a night which is equivalent to 1000 months) ... and if we see scientifically we have refreshed our whole body system. The things which have started has to end and so do this Ramadan...but the end of this month celebrated with special prayer and get togethers and Eidi(gifts) to little ones. Happy Ramadan to All my Friends and followers...
Today's recipe is Rasgulla a famous bengali dessert which is easy to make if you keep few points in mind while making it. I love bengali sweets( don't remind me what i said in Anjeer Kalakand recipe)... most of the desserts in Bengali Cuisine are made with freshly made with chhena  and with no or less butter/ghee. And one of delicious sweet treat is Rasgulla which is made with less than 5 ingredients....Rasgulla is a combination of two words 'Ras' mean 'syrup' and 'gulla' means 'spheres'... so it's small sphere made with chhena are soaked in sugar syrup. Check out the tips section for quick tips to follow.
This is first time i am participating #EidEats2016 event organised by three bloggers of Flour & Spice, My Ninja Naan and Chocolate & Chillies and i am super excited to share my Rasgulla's for virtually treat.

Level: Moderate
Total time: 40 mins + Rest time
Makes: 20-25 rasgulla
1 cup = 250ml

Milk: 1 liter (4 cups)
Lemon juice: 2-3 tablespoons
Sugar: 2 cups
Cardamom pods: 2
Water: 4 cups
Nuts to garnish(optional)


Bring milk to boil and turn off the heat and let it rest for 5 mins and then add lemon/lime juice and turn the heat one and keep stirring. The whey gets separated from the solids in 3-4 mins.
Take muslin cloth and drain the whey out and run under cold water for 2-3 secs. Squeeze out the excess water, hang it to the tap or keep it under some heavy weight for an hour or so.
When you crush the paneer it will be crumbly. Place it on big plate and start to knead it using edge of your palm. Knead it for around 8-10 mins then it will form a non sticky dough.
Divide the dough in 20-25 equal portions and make balls and cover it with muslin cloth.
Before you start making balls, place a big pressure cooker, add water and sugar. Once the sugar is melted and water comes to boil, turn the heat to medium, add balls  to it. 
Turn the heat to high and Close the the lid and hear one whistle.Now turn the heat to medium and cook for another 5 mins and turn the heat off (If you don't have pressure cooker then use heavy bottom pan and cover the lid and cook for 20-30 mins).
Let the pressure cooker cools down completely and open the lid and check your rasgulla's, now they will be double in size. 
Check the consistency and sweetness of the syrup...if the syrup is thin and not sweet then turn the heat on cook till desired consistency.of the sweetness and Add crushed  cardamom pods to the syrup.

1. for soft paneer, you must always add lemon juice when the milk is not super hot.
2. Always make sure that paneer which you start for kneading should not be too wet or too dry. Too wet paneer will dissolve in sugar syrup and with too dry  paneer we wouldn't be able to knead to a soft dough.

Wanna try....let set go....


  1. Rasgulla is one of my favourites but have yet to attempt to make it. A great dish for Eid. Thank you for joining Eid Eats! An Early Eid Mubarak to you and your family!

  2. Wow, so is this like a sweet paneer dish? It reminds me a little bit of rasmalai, which though very sweet is very rich. I'm amazed that there's no ghee/oil in this! Wow. Thanks for sharing and early Eid Mubarak :)

    1. thank you Rafia...rasgulla is first part of rasmalai

  3. Mouth watering. Looks so perfect and delicious!

  4. Such a lovely dessert! I was under the assumption that traditional desserts made with paneer are so difficult to make, but you make it seem so easy!
    Thank you for participating in #EidEats2016 , it is so nice to meet you and have you join us!
    Eid Mubarak!

    1. bit of practice makes it easy...as this is dam easy dessert...thank you Henna...its my pleasure that i have participated in Eid Eat event.

  5. You literally just blew my mind. First of all I adore rasgullas, second of all I didn't know they could be made so easily. I also love your tips! Thanks so much for joining in Eid Eats and bringing this wonderful dessert to the party!

    1. thank you sarah...i am glad i am part of Eid Eats

  6. super delicious! love rasgullas!

  7. I love rasgulla but unfortunetely never tried making it, as I thought it's so complicated, but reading your recipe makes me feel it's easy enough and worth making it. Thanks for sharing and Eid Mobarak!

  8. Yummm never made them myself looks delicious hope you have a good eid. I know what you mean it does feel a little sad when ramadhan ends

    1. alhamdulillah eid was awesome...thank you Nammi

  9. Homemade rasgullah!! Very nice, looks delicious.


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