Mint Ginger Chaach

Hurry spring has started officially, days are bigger with sunny intervals and temperature has raised. So no more layer clothing. When i was peeking outside the window today i could find the spring birds in the park, i known they are getting back home from their winter holidays :) . 

 Coming back to today's recipe Chaach is a another version of salted lassi, where the consistency of chaach is not as thick as lassi. I mean there is more water content compared to lassi. Lassi/chaach is most common beverage in indian household and taken at any time of the day. Both Chaach and lassi are the best coolants in hot summer days.  
Original chaach is a combination of salt,yogurt and water but the touch of ginger and mint makes a huge difference. 

Level: Easy
Prep time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 0 mins

Makes : 2 glasses

Yogurt - 1 cup
Chilled Water - 1 cup
Cumin Powder (zeera) - 1/8th teaspoon
Mint leaves - 5 in number (to taste)
Black salt (kala namak)  - 1/4th teaspoon (optional)
Salt - to taste
Ginger - 1/4 inch length
Crushed ice (optional)

  • Blend all ingredients except ice and strain the liquid into the serving glasses
  • Add crushed ice and serve.


      • Instead of ginger root, you can add ginger powder (1/4th teaspoon).
      • If you are not fond of mint or ginger taste then simply skip then it will be basic chaach.
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      My home grown Mint Plant
      My home grown Mint Plant

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