Fruity Oats with Greek Yogurt

After knowing the health benefits of oats, i made sure that i should include it at breakfast at least twice a week.This is one of my favourite breakfast which is healthy to eat and easy to make. This can be a grab and go snack or breakfast for those busy days.

Over few decades oats have become one of the healthier alternative food. This is mainly eaten as porridge, or as an ingredient for breakfast cereals and can be used in baking cookies/bread/cakes and many more. 

If you are on diet plan and want to reduce weight the healthier way then this would be one of the breakfast to opt in, as Oats releases energy slowly and keep hunger at bay for a long time.
Oats are loaded with dietary fiber and have a range of healthy cholesterol lowering properties.
Oats rich foods experience much lower rise in blood sugar levels when compared to the rice or bread.Starting a day with a blood sugar stabilizing food like Oats will make it easier to keep blood sugar levels under control for rest of the day.

Level: Easy
Prep time: 5 mins
Serves: 1

Rolled oats  - 1/2 cup
Greek Yogurt - 1/2 cup
Sugar/Honey - to taste (optional)
Water/Orange Juice -  1/4 cup 
Lots of Fruits and dry fruits

  • Mix oats, yogurt and water in a serving bowl and top it up with lots fruit fruits and dry fruits of your choice.
  • You can mix all the ingredients except fruits and keep it in fridge overnight, next day you have readymade breakfast.

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