5 Easy ways to Decorate your Cake with Fresh/Whipped Cream

Cakes are always the favourite thing for any occasion or just like that. During childhood or even now my eyes pop out and i go crazy with the taste and design of cakes or pastries in a bakery.  Now a days beautifully crafted fondant/sugar paste base cakes are becoming popular, even i love to do some crafting with those fondant base cakes but .... if you go taste wise i love love fresh cream cakes a lot, as i can munch it as how much i want. Its not that these fresh cream cakes are not beautiful but it has its limitations to it. 

We have many types of icings available in market or can be made easily at home, which are used in cake decorating. All have their pros and cons with decorating or in taste. I always go by taste.... so i go for fresh cream....which is less in calories compare to our buttercream and fondant cakes. Before blogging i never used to take pics of the cakes which i baked for family and friends, so pics you see in this post would look less attractive but my motive is to show you how easy it is to decorate with fresh cream. Please note that it always needs practice and time for decoration but it's easy to decorate.

I don't want to make the post too lengthy or boring, so just sharing 5 ways to decorate your cream cake.....

With Nuts
First one would be with Nuts, I don't want you go nuts with your cakes but i want to make use of nuts (ground nuts, walnuts, almonds or your favourite one) hehe bad joke. If you are using ground nuts, then dry roast them, remove the skin and roughly chop them. With almonds and walnuts you can roughly chop them or use it as a whole. I used flaked almonds for decorating the cake in the below pic. 

With Fresh Fruits

You can even decorate the cakes using fresh seasonal fruits or even make use of your favourite canned fruits. Is that not interesting way to make your kids eat fruits along with cake and cream.Get creative while using the fruits.... even if you are not creative the cake will look gorgeous anyhow.

Chocolate shavings or cocoa powder
Grate some good quality chocolate and spread all over the cake and sides. Or even dust some cocoa powder with some pattern also works great. Our famous black forest cake is a combo of cherries and grated chocolate, simply beautiful and tasty cake..yum yum..

With piping tips

Not all piping tips are suitable for whipped cream as the cream will loose its stability at higher temperatures, so i always so for open/close star, round and leaf tips in common.I made use of star tip to pipe round the cake and spiderman logo with small round tip...tada a cake for a little super hero...

Desiccated coconut
Sprinkle the desiccated coconut on to cake as it is or you can dye the coconut with your desired colour and use it. OOpsy i don't have a pic of it, but it is one of the way to decorate, it looks beautiful too.

Hope it helped you in giving an idea for your next cake  to be decorated. Follow me for more cake tips in future. Happy baking....... 


  1. I too prefer fresh cream cakes over butter cream. ..One for all the good reasons u have mentioned. ..masha Allah. ...beautiful cakes

  2. SUPERB!! Plzz do share your Doll cake Recipe,



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