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Salad!!!.... oohoo i was never found of salads as a kid and eating raw veggies was always stated as "ghass phoos"(i mean grassy things) . For me salad meant to be cutting some veggies like carrots, cucumber and onions and decorating on the plate...if possible have along with your dinner...hehe.. But after marriage , and i getting exposed to the culinary world in full stretch, i found out there is many more varieties of salad which were taster and healthier too..So now i can proudly say that i love salads. 
By the way this salad was introduced by my friend Nabby in London. She is very friendly and dear person to me just like my little sister.When i had it for first time i finished the box of salad all by my self... for dinner.. i mean no dinner only salad. Its just mouth watering. 
Its a combination of veggies and fruits of your choice. I found it to be great way of eating veggies and fruits. Its easy to make, no stress, no fuss and delicious to have it at any time of the day...yum yum...just boil your veggies, chop your fruits and mix rest of the ingredients...tada... your salad is ready..isn't it easy... Serve cool....

I always make this for small gathering and it is loved by everyone. Its a great party food, you can make a day before the party and keep it in the fridge and it is always a great hit in the party. With all this blah blah .... about the dish... you may surely wanna try out... so here is the process....

Level: Easy Peasy
Serves: 2-4


Carrots, Peas, Beans,Corn : 2 cups (Frozen)
Apples: 2 medium
Oranges: 2 medium
Potato: 2 medium
Black Pepper: to taste (taste should be mild)
Mayo/mayonnaise: 2 -4 tablespoon (to taste)
Fresh Cream: 4 tablespoon (1/4 cup) 
Sugar: 1 teaspoon
Salt: pinch


Peel potatoes and chop your veggies in bite size.
Pressure cook all your veggies by pouring 1/2 cup of water for 2-3 whistles, or until your veggies are just cooked but not mushy. Drain off the water and Let it cool completely.
Peel apples and oranges and chop them same size of your veggies

In bowl add fruits, veggies, salt,pepper, mayo and cream and mix well until well combined.
Serve Cool...

  • Increase or decrease your quantities according to your tastebuds, but the salad has to be mild.
  • You can even add pineapples for more tangy flavours.
  • Water you drained can be used in curries or rasam.

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  1. healthy and yummy . I will try it for sure , i have all the ingredients :)


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