Chocolate Cups with 3 Easy fillings -- Kids Version

If you are playing with chocolates and if your partner is your little one, then the game is always interesting and full of fun. Yes i am talking about cooking along with your kids, cooking is one of the activity i do with my little princess who always want to help me out. So here is one good activity with kids, making chocolate cups. 
Making chocolate cups is easy peasy, just melt the chocolate and brush in the silicon cup and freeze it for 5 mins. Serve it as you like, but today its kids version so its little princess choice. She gave these options Candies, ice cream and fruits.She loved the candies and ice cream cups the know why, And i gobbled up the fruit cups. I enjoyed it with my kid, she wanted to make it perfect but you can see the inner part of it, never mind for her age its perfect and most important thing is she enjoyed the activity.Check other recipes which you can enjoy making together
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Level: Easy
Total Time: 20min
Makes: 6 cups


Chocolate Chips: 120gm

Kids Fillings:
M&M or skittles or any candy
Ice cream
Nuts or Fresh Fruits


In a micro safe bowl add choco chips and melt it in 20 sec interval and stir in between until the chocolate is melted.
Take back of the spoon or brush to paint the silicon cups inside.
Set it for cooling in muffin tray, this will make it proper shape.

You can fill the chocolate cups with mousse or wipped cream or anything you love.
If you want to give indian touch, then serve with ladoos or halwa in these.

Yummy...Wanna try....let set go....

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  1. These are lovely ...looking so neat and its a must try on weekend

  2. Looks yummy.. Kids will love it

    Sowmia - Sowmia's Galley

  3. Cute chocolate cups.I love variations in chocolates & this one is too good dear Nisa ❤

  4. These are the eye-catching cups!!! I love that pure brown color and combination with colorful chocolates!!! Love it Nisa!!! Niceeee

  5. So nicely made! Must make these someday for the kids... :)


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