Apple Doughnuts with 3 frostings

These Apple Doughnuts are not really doughnuts but these are yummy apples sliced and frosted and are healthy after school snack. These easy peasy doughnuts can be made by your little ones, they will be excited in frosting and decorating their own doughnut slices.
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Level: Easy 
Total time: 5-10 mins.
Serves: 1


Apple: 1 large (Used Gala Apple)

Greek Yogurt (or any thick yogurt)
Peanut Butter

Decoration (optional)
Chopped nuts


Slice the Apple horizontally in 4-5 pieces of 2 cm width. Remove the center using small cutter.
Tap with kitchen paper for removing the wet (optional step)
Spread your favourite frosting and decorate it as you like and enjoy the treat.

Wanna try....let set go....

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