Eggless Mousse Collection - FoodieMonday Bloghop #16

OMG its already 16 FoodieMondays we went through with new theme and challenge each monday but i am happy that this is the first time i am writing a post of it.
Introduction of FoodieMonday Group
FoodieMonday group was started by two beautiful ladies Jolly and Wagmee and later on 6 new beautiful bloggers join in a pace, including me. We are from different parts of the world but from indian origin and we follow indian timestamp for our bloghop post. It's so much fun that when, few having their breakfast,few still a sleep and few having lunch.
Our group don't restrict age or religion or region or cast but it restricts that you should be foodie by heart. Our group is very friendly like a family with chit chats and sharing knowledge. I am very much happy to be part of this family.

Coming to this week bloghop challenge it was Mousse and that too Eggless. I was bit scared as this was my first time to make eggless Mousse and doubt that whether the mousse will have the same texture as Mousse with egg. Yeah i should say there is definitely texture difference but taste was same yummy. I was not only one having this fear of setting a Mousse but most of us had it but we finally did it. So here is the amazing collection of Eggless Mousse.

Spicy Chocolate Mousse by Alakajena from Culinaryxpress 

 Chocolate Pineapple Mousse by Krithika from Akshayam

Strawberry Mousse by Jolly from Jollyhomemaderecipes

Sugarless Choco Orange Mousse by Sujata from Batterupwithsujata

Tiramisu Mousse by Rupal from goodfoodgoodmoodbyrupal

Chocolate Mousse by Preethi from Preethicuisine

Mango Mousse Cake by Nisa from Flavour Diary

Hope you all enjoyed different combinations and ways of making eggless mousse... stay tuned for next bloghop.
Happy Cooking and stay blessed.


  1. I am really touched by this write up.Yes you are right despite geographical barriers and not meeting many of us in persons, we still relate to each other because of the love and passion we share for food. Its true food binds souls together.... Beautiful write up and keep writing

  2. Awesome Nisa!!! I'm really missing our bloghop events!!!! All the mooses are so tempting!!!! Fantastic job girls!!!!! U guys are amazing!!!

  3. Very nice... Superb collection of all time favorite desserts.!

  4. Amazing collection of recipes dear!


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