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hyderabadi Badam Ka harira Almond Milk

Its been more than a week that Ramadan has started and doing fasts for almost 20hrs is bit tough and tiresome...it's like if days are longer your fasts will be longer, i just wonder how the people on totally north of the world are fasting. Yes if you are doing for the sake of the creator your hardship will be easier on them, so do for us.
Our appetite goes down as we have odd times of having meals and duration of meals...so I always make sure we are hydrated and have healthy meals at suhoor and Iftar. My family loves to have more veggies and desserts than meat...so if you observe my recipe list you will get to know about it.
Today's recipe is Badam ka Harira is rich almond milk with lots of almonds going in it. This is a thick beverage which is flavoured up with Cardamon and clove and is naturally coloured with saffron. Badam ka harira is healthy way to have almonds and tastes great and this can accompanied with roti's or for breakfast.This is going to be part of our #foodiemonday #bloghop under #indianspicessorted theme. Once the theme was decided, i thought of doing something spicy but because of sweet tooth i finally ended up with this healthy beverage.

Level: Easy
Total time: 10mins
Serves: 2

Butter/Ghee: 1 tablespoon
Plain Flour/Maida: 1 tablespoon
Almond/Badam Powder: 1/4 cup (Blend around 30 almonds to fine powder)
Milk: 2 cups
Saffron/Kesar a big pinch
Sugar : 3 tablespoons (to taste)
Cardamom/Elaichi: 2
Clove/Laung: 2

In pestle add cardamom and clove and crush them to powder.
In a pan add butter and add Plain flour and roast for few secs until you get beautiful aroma.Now add the almond flour and stir for 10-20 secs.
Add milk to the mixture and bring it to boil...keep stirring in between and turn the flame to low, add saffron,sugar and cardamom,clove powder. Mix well and turn the heat off.

Keep stirring throughout the making otherwise it will stick to the bottom.
You can blanch almonds and remove the peel and blend it fine paste and use instead of almond powder.
As this is thick beverage, you can add more milk if you want thin consistency.

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Hyderabadi Kesar Badam ka Harira is going to be part of  44 #foodiemonday #IndianSpicesSorted #bloghop recipes


  1. This sounds really filling and healthy! Addition of cloves sounds interesting... here it is 15 hours with temperatures near to 45 degrees and by the time it is Iftaar, we are all with dry throats... hehe... I am also wondering how it is more than that time... with limited night time.. May Allah make it easy for you and all Muslims there!

  2. Awesome share...quick and helathy

  3. Nisa this is an interesting recipe. It's a pleasure learning about different cuisines from you. A glass of this flavourful milk would make an excellent dessert option or to fill the tummy in between meals.

    1. thank you dee...yes its filling beverage dee

  4. This is new to me but sounds interesting drink, beautiful share dear Nisa.

  5. This is so lovely n yummy Nisa... awesome...

  6. Assalamualaikum Nisa! So much has happened on your blog and hope to catch up soon. Its last 10 days of Ramadan coming and I can't imagine how swiftly the days passed off and I left wondering if I have done enough.. This almond harira is so similar to one my mom makes but addition of clove is new to me and I am surely gonna try it. My ramadan so far has been just with cold drinks as its so hot and dry even with AC on. When I get into a non ac side of my home it is like a burning furnace. Hope its getting better for you. Adorable clicks with those lovely shades.

    1. yeah true famidha...days passed so fast...even though here it is cold with sunny intervals we feel the thirst because of long hours

  7. This is such a healthy share Nisa. Beautiful cliks too.


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