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Chickpea Chocolate Cake Gluten Free Butter Less

 Here comes a special ingredient cake for all cake and chocolate lovers which is delicious and relatively healthy treat.And the key and special ingredient used in cake is Chickpea/Garbanzo beans /Cholay ... yes you read it right and the cake is super easy ,super delicious and super moist ... and is flour less , butter less and most of all no special equipment used. So this would be a one of the best way of feeding our kids some proteins with deliciousness.
I am not found of Valentines day and neither my hubby  so there is nothing too special on this day or for this day but when #foodiemonday team has decided for valentine treat for the dear ones...then i thought for some healthy snack for my elder princess with some chocolate as a key ingredient just like my healthy Chocolate Fruit Pizza ... she wanted cheese cake but then i was not in a mood to do that.... then i remember this cake which i saw looong looong ago in some old cooking show with chickpeas...then i searched on google and changed the ingredients according to my taste buds...
I love experimenting my cakes with different ratios and ingredients going in like my Finger Millet Ragi Cake, Custard Powder Lava Cake, Eggless cakes, Butter less cakes and many more...

Gluten Free Flour Less Butter less Cake Recipe

Level: easy
total time: 1 hr
Serves:12 ( 8 inch cake pan)

1 cup:250 ml
1 tablespoon: 15ml
1 teaspoon:5ml


Chickpea: 400gm (2 cups) (if using tin then rinse,drain and then measure and if using dry chickpea then use 1 cup dry chickpea then soak overnight, boil and drain the water and measure)
Plain Chocolate : 250gms
Eggs: 4
Brown/White Sugar: 150gm (3/4cup) ( i used brown to taste)
Baking Powder: 1/2 teaspoon
Orange Zest / Vanilla essence : 1 tablespoon ( i used Orange Zest)
Powder Sugar / Nutella Glaze/ Ganache for topping (optional)


  • Preheat the oven at 180 c . Grease the 8inch cake pan line with parchment paper and then grease again.
  • Chop the chocolate and melt in microwave in shots of 20 sec and mix in between and keep aside.
  • In blender/food processor dump in chickpea, sugar and blend until half smooth and then add eggs and then blend to smooth paste. Now add melted chocolate, orange zest and baking powder blend again until well combined.
  • Pour the batter in the prepared pan and bake for 40 mins or until toothpick comes out clean.
  • Transfer to the cooling rack and drizzle some chocolate /nutella glaze on it and serve .
Chickpea Chocolate Cake Recipe


  • Add chopped nuts in the batter to get some crunch in the cake.
  • You can go creative for toppings : like use powdered sugar  or chocolate/Nutella glaze or serve with some fruits or simply slice and gobble it up.
  • Instead of sugar you can use soaked dates or date paste to taste in the batter

Gluten Free Butter Less Chickpea Chocolate Cake

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  1. Superb and innovative bake with Chickpeas Nisa! Happy Valentine Day to you too!

  2. Wow Nisa, heard of using the water from the chickpeas, heard about adding a bit of chick pea flour to the batter but cooked chickpeas?? Now that's a real surprise. A wonderful gluten free share.

    1. its tasty cake dee...i gobbled half of it and rest was shared among family

  3. This one is something different, how was the texture Nisa, Thanks again for a different share

    1. thank you dee... cake is dense, soft , spongy and non sticky

  4. Superb share Nisa. So innovative idea. Loved it.

  5. Quite unique idea... liked so much..

  6. wow! that is so innovative! Your recipes mostly come with a surprise factor! I love chickpeas but this combo is so different, I have to try to know how it would taste..

  7. Your recipes are always so healthy and innovative.

  8. Such an innovative eager to try-to know the taste.

  9. Love 'Flavour-Diary' for its unique healthy recipes :) thank you so much


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