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Beetroot Dosa Recipe

Dosa or Indian Pancakes are most popular breakfast among south India. We can find more than 50 variations in dosa with different stuffings or with different lentils. Dosa are basically gluten free and of course we have gluten variety too in the big collection. Today's recipe is one of the beautiful dosa with has got beautiful pink color because of beetroot. 
If you have a little princess like mine who is crazy about pink then here is a breakfast for the little one. I gave my little one a surprise of pink breakfast and she was top of the world, She was handling her breakfast soo carefully and smiling looking at it. Even though she is fussy eater...she happily had her portion...Magic of colour make kids eat...happy baby happy mommy.
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Level: Easy
Total time: 20 min
Serves: 2

Idli Dosa Batter**: 2 cup 
Beetroot: 1 medium (boiled and peeled)
Green Chilli: 2 or 3 (to taste)
Ginger: 1/2 inch
Cumin Seeds: 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Finely chopped Onion for stuffing

**For making 1 cup basic dosa batter at home take 1/4 cup of urad dal and 3/4 cup of Idli rice/normal rice, wash and soak for 4 hours and drain water and add 1/3 cup of water and blend to fine paste. Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda for instant use or you can let it sit overnight for fermentation. Add 1 teaspoon of salt before use. Dal to Rice ratio is 1:3.

In blender blend beetroot,green chillies, ginger,cumin seeds to fine paste.
Add the beetroot paste to Dosa Batter.
Heat the pan and drop a ladle full of batter and spread to sides making circular motion and form a circle.
Once the wetness on the surface is gone, Add 2 tablespoons of finely chopped onions and drizzle oil.
Fry till the sides gets lifted up or it turns brown. Now fold in half and take out of the pan and serve hot with your favourite chutney.

  • You can add raw beetroot too.
  • You can make big batch of dosa batter and keep it in fridge for min 3day and upto a week.
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