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I love easy peasy breakfasts with less stress and healthy. Once I was just exploring the breakfast recipes in Indian cuisine i was fortunate to know this gluten free, healthy and yummy breakfast with no fuss. So here is my family's new breakfast favourite "Dahi Chura/Choora" which needs no cooking or baking (it's a no cook no bake breakfast)
Dahi Chura/Choora is famous breakfast from Bihar  and it is made out of Flattened Rice/Poha/Atkulu and yogurt. Dahi Chura is eaten unfailingly on auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti(it's an Harvest Festival celebrated in India) and also a regular breakfast for most in Bihar. Flattened Rice/Poha is washed, soaked and then mixed in Yogurt and for extra richness they add fruits. So it's a completely healthy breakfast.
In most part of india Flattened Rice/Poha/Atkulu/Chivda are used in savoury snack(Poha Chivda) or in breakfast(Atkula Upma, Kanda Poha)

Level: Easy
total Time: 20 mins
Serves: 2
Cup: 250ml
Source: here

Thin Poha/Flattened Rice: 1/2 cup
Plain Greek Yogurt/thick Curd: 1 cup
Milk: 2 tablespoons
Fruits chopped: 1 cup(as desired)
Sugar/Jaggery/Honey to taste (i used jaggery)

Wash Poha/flattened rice 2 or 3 times and soak it in 2 tablespoons of milk for 15-20 min. Take a piece and press in between the fingers poha should be mushy.This will indicate the poha is ready to be used.
In a bowl add Yogurt,sugar and whisk with no lumps.
Now add poha to yogurt and serve immediately with fresh fruits. You can serve it in glass by layering fruits and poha as a parfait style.

If you are using THICK poha then soak for 30 min's are so.

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Wanna try....let set go....
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