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Bobbatlu/ Puran poli needs no introduction as it's a famous indian festive recipe.Bobbatlu is sweet stuffed bread, stuffing is made of lentils and jaggery. This is known with different names and stuffed with little variations in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. But base ingredients Chana Dal and Jaggery remain the same.
Back home my mom makes in large quantity whenever we have very good quality jaggery and we relish this for few days in a row...yumyum. This dish is our family's favourite all time breakfast/dessert/munchon. We can eat the stuffing alone by itself...go in the kitchen open the fridge, gobble some and come back and pretend that you ate nothing...hehe those memories are awesome. The stuffing can be stored in fridge for a week. So no worries if you are making it in large quantity.

Level: Moderate
Soak time: 4hr to overnight
Prep & Cook Time: 50 mins
1 Cup: 250ml
Makes: 8-10(depending on size)


Chana Dal/Split yellow gram : 200gms
Jaggery: 200gms (to taste)
Ghee/Butter: 2 tablespoon
Cardamom powder: 1/2 teaspoon
Whole wheat flour(atta): 1 cup
Maida/Plain Flour: 1 cup
Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
Oil: 2 tablespoon
Water for kneading
Ghee for frying 


Wash and Soak chana dal for minimum 4hrs(overnight is best). The size of the chana dal will be doubled in size.Drain water and transfer to pressure cooker and add enough water such that chana dal is immersed.Pressure cook for 2 whistles. Open the cooker after it cools down, check the should be mushy. Use potato masher or blend it to roughly fine paste. 
In a non stick pan add butter, mashed chana dal and grated jaggery and cook until the mixture forms a lump and leaves the sides. keep stirring otherwise it will stick to the bottom.
Dough & Bobbatlu making:
In a bowl all the ingredients except water and then add enough water to make a dough and rest it for 10-15 mins.
Now divide equal  8- 10 equal parts of dough.
Also divide the filling mixture to the size of the dough.
Flatten the dough in small circle and keep the filling ball in between and wrap the filling.  Now the stuffed ball again a bigger thinner chapati/poli. 
Now heat the flat griddle and roast the poli and then apply loads of ghee. Enjoy when it is hot.

  • Double or triple the mixture of the filling and keep it in fridge for 3-4 days and use whenever you like.
  • If you have doubt that the jaggery is no clean then cook jagger in separate pan using 2 tablespoons of water. when jaggery completely melted then sieve it and then add it to mashed dal.
  • You can cook the dal in a pan instead of pressure cooker until the dal is cooked(when u press the dal in between the fingers it should press easily)
  • While making the filling make sure you keep stirring continuously in between.


  1. My favorite since childhood. They look so soft and delicious. Wish you a very happy Ugadi :-)

  2. Hey Nisa! This is my all time fav and I like the one with coconut too. Very neat and classy photography and I really love this space of yours.. I got introduced to this version through my Kannadiga friends.. and yeah like you said they make huge batch and used to get to office for all.. pinning this as these are close to authentic recipes..


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