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Coffee Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

I love Breakfast smoothies as these are easy to put together and make you feel full till lunch. Today's smoothie is for coffee lovers and addition of oats and chocolate protein powder makes a worth to try.If you are a smoothie lover and wants to experiment with it then Coffee Breakfast Smoothie is a must to can make it more rich by adding some chia seeds, nut butter and few of your favourite nuts.
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Level: Easy
Prep Time: 10 mins
Serves: 1
Cup: 250ml


Strong Brewed Coffee: 1/2 cup
Rolled oats: 1/4 cup
Banana: 1 medium
Milk/coconut milk: 1/2 cup
Chocolate Flavoured Protein Powder: 1 tablespoon
Maple Syrup: 1 tablespoon (or sugar or honey to taste)
Ice Cubes: 1/2 cup (optional)

In a blender jar put all the ingredients and blend it finely, pour in the bowl and top it with your desired toppings.

Chop the banana and freeze it, this gives the frothy touch to your smoothie.
Wanna try....let set go....
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  1. So much good ingredients are in a glass of smoothie...

  2. Can the protein powder be replaced with just cocoa powder? I enjoy coffee flavour only in desserts and now may be smoothies! :-)

  3. yes you can famidha...hope you will enjoy the smoothie

  4. Hopefully one of these will peak your taste buds and you can add it to your routine. Detox Smoothie Recipes


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