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Paneer tikka masala
Paneer Tikka is a popular tandoori dish which is made in tandoors. We can even make it at home either in oven or on stove top on pan/tawa. Todays post is all about stove top Tikka Masala, which yummy  dish best served with roti,naan, pulka or some flavoured rice(jeera rice). Its a two step preparation, first is to prepare paneer tikka and next is to prepare masala/gravy and then mix and cook for a minute.And serve hot.
Paneer is one of famous Cheese from south Asia and this is used as savoury or sweet ingredient in the recipes. Paneer can be made easily at home* or simply buy from the store.Here are few paneer recipes to check in sweet n curry version.
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Level: Moderate
Total Time: 40mins
Serves: 3-4
1 cup:250 ml


Paneer Tikka:
Paneer: 200gm
Sunflower Oil: 1 tablespoon
Lemon Juice: 2 teaspoon
Ginger Garlic Paste: 2 teaspoon
Onion : 1 big square chunks
Green Bell pepper/capsicum: 1 cut in big square chunks
Plain Thick Yogurt/curd: 1/2 cup
Garam Masala: 1 teaspoon
Coriander Powder/Dhaniya powder: 1 teaspoon
Red Chilli Powder: 1 teaspoon (to taste)
Salt to taste (1/2 teaspoon)

Masala curry:
Onion: 1 medium
Tomatoes: 2 
Green Chillies: 2
Tomato ketchup: 1 teaspoon
garam masala:1/2 teaspoon
Red Chilli Powder: 1/2 teaspoon
Roasted Cumin Powder: 1/2 teaspoon 
Kasuri Methi (dry fenugreek leaves): 2 teaspoon crushed
Oil: 3 or 4 tablespoons
Cardamom pods: 1 or 2
Cloves: 2 or 3
Cinnamon stick: 1 inch
Fresh Cream: 1/2 cup
Coriander Leaves chopped: 1/4 cup
Salt to taste


Paneer Tikka:
Chop paneer, onion and capsicum/pepper in cubes.
In a bowl all other ingredients under paneer tikka except oil and mix well. 
Now add chopped paneer,onion and capsicum and mix well until mixture is coated well and keep aside for 15 mins.
Heat pancake pan/tawa add oil and place paneer,capsicum  and onion pieces and saute it on high flame until capsicum and onions are crispy but cooked. Keep a side.

Roughly chop onion and blend it to smooth paste.
Roughly chop tomatoes and green chillies and blend it to fine paste.
In a pan heat oil and add cloves,cinnamon stick, cardamom, onion paste. stir till oil leaves and then add tomato puree. 
Cook for half a minute and add spice powders(turmeric,chilli powder, cumin powder,garam masala,salt and tomato ketchup) , mix well and then add cream and mix well again.
Stir and cook until water is evaporated, now add 1 cup of water mix well. Once water comes to boil add coriander leaves,kasuri methi and paneer tikka to it. Cook for a minute and turn off the heat.
Serve hot with rotis, phulkas, naans or any flavoured rice(Jeera Rice)

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