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Mahalabia Muhallabieh
Quick and easy recipes which are made less than 20mins are always have a space in my todo list and one among the list is Mahalabia. Mahalabia is a middle eastern dessert which is very light,rich and creamy. A mild flavour of rose is pleasant and traditionally Mahalabia is generously topped with dry fruits. I have topped it with fresh fruit, fruit puree and traditionally mixed dry fruits.It is often eaten during Ramadan after Iftar or for suhor.
Mahalabia is a milk pudding similar to our Indian kheer with no ghee/butter and is made in no time without any hassle. This needs quite few ingredients.

Level: Easy
total Time: 20 mins + 3 hrs to chill
Serves: 3
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Milk: 2 cup (replace 1 cup of milk with heavy cream to make it more rich)
Corn Starch: 4 tablespoon
Water: 3 tablespoon
Sugar: 4 tablespoons (to taste)
Rose Essence: 1/2 teaspoon
Dry Fruits
Chopped Fruits
Fruit Pure

In saucepan add milk and bring to boil.Add sugar.
In a bowl add cornstarch and water and mix well and add to the milk mixture.
Stir vigorously until the mixture thickens and small bubbles appear. cook for further 5 minutes and add rose essence.
Pour into individual serving bowls and garnish with your favourite topping.

You can replace rose essence with 1 tablespoon of rose water / orange blossom water.
To make it dairy free use coconut/almond milk.

Wanna try....let set go...
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  1. Nice and quick dessert recipe to try when in hurry

  2. You always come up with new and eye catching recipes...thanks for sharing

    1. thank you love ... i am blushing

    2. Lovely share Nisa! Have heard about Mahalabia before. Glad to find a simple recipe for it dear. Middle-Eastern delicacies have fascinated me always, their simplicity is the reason behind my interest.

  3. Really interesting recipe and very easy too, beautiful share nisa !!

  4. Interesting recipe Nisa. Never heard before. Thanks for sharing a quick easy and yummy recipe.

  5. A wonderful share Nisa. And very versatile as you can serve it so many options, fruits, nuts, fruit puree etc.

  6. A classic share Nisa!! Love these quick and yummy treats.

  7. I had Mahalabia at a hotel sometime back and wanted to google it..As always forgot about it!! Now I know where to go for the recipe :) Thanks for sharing...

  8. Is it possible to replace the sugar with honey? I want to make this for my guest but he's diabetic. Please reply. Thank u in advance.

    1. thank you for stopping by... yes you can replace sugar with honey....sorry for late reply...


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