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Goan Prawn Curry Recipe Flavour Diary

Today's recipe is all way from Goa. Goan Cuisine has also influence of Portuguese, apart from Indian. Rice, seafood, coconut, vegetables, meat and some local spices are heart of  Goan cuisine. Today's special from Goa is Prawn Curry,a mix of specially ground masala makes this curry different from other regions prawn curry. 
This curry is made in no time and best served with hot rice or chapati/roti.I made this recipe as part of shhh cooking secretly challenge and my partner for this month is Sujitha from Sujitheasycooking and my secrete ingredients were Coconut and Garlic. Check out the ingredients and steps below for easy cooking.You can also try my Prawn Masala , Prawn and drumstick curry, Prawn Parda BiryaniandPrawn Pulao .
If you like to watch how i made this curry then click on the pic below.

Level: Easy
Total Time: 30
Serves: 3-4
1 cup: 250ml
1 tablespoon: 15ml
1 teaspoon: 5 ml
Recipe adapted from here


Prawns: 300gm(washed and cleaned)
Oil:3 tablespoon
Curry leaves:Few
Tomatoes: 1 Large chopped
Turmeric powder:1/2 teaspoon 
Onion: 1 Large
Garam Masala Powder : 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Chopped coriander for garnish

Ground Masala:
Fresh Coconut : 1 cup grated
Dry Red Chillies: 4 to 5 ( to our spice level)
Coriander Seeds:1 tablespoon
Cumin Seeds: 1/2 teaspoon 
Garlic Pods: 5
Tamarind: walnut size ball
Water to make smooth paste


In a blender add all the ingredients under Ground Masala and blend it into fine paste and keep it a side.

In a pan add oil, once hot add  onions.
Cook until onions turn transparent and then add tomato  and cook until tomatoes turn mushy.
Now add prawns,curry leaves, salt and turmeric powder and saute for a minute and then add grounded masala, water and cook covered for 5 mins.
Then uncover and cook until desired consistency, add garam masala powder and chopped coriander and  cook for another minute and serve hot with rice or roti.

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  1. I have had Goan prawns curry before. I love it - a recipe for keeps:)

  2. Loved the recipe and this being a Goan Favourite, has come out really well I must say.

  3. Delicious and spicy curry.. just the way I like it.

  4. The Prawn Curry looks so good that I am wondering how to make a vegetarian dish out of it.

    1. I think We can replace it with mushrooms...Thank you for stopping by

  5. Oh, wow! The curry looks so very good!

  6. This sounds so similar to the chicken curry I made! Wasn't it delicious! I will try this for the folks for their lunch, I can't touch prawns due to allergy... :(

    1. it was delicious...yes its similar to your chicken curry

  7. Seafood is a Goan speciality. The gravy looks delicious. Loved the recipe.

  8. This curry looks so delicious!Perfect with hot rice!Yumm!

  9. Being a vegetarian I was quite so excited to see the recipes listed below the main one.

  10. Goan prawn curry Looks delicious nisa.. Coconut flavour hits the richness to the recipe..

    1. Thank you Sujitha for wonderful ingredients

  11. Oh wow.. Just love this curry!

  12. Looks like a perfect blend of spices and prawns .. will try this dish..

  13. I would love to use the gravy and make a veggie dish Goan style. I love coconut based gravies.

  14. This looks so good! I must pass on the recipe to my daughters as they enjoy seafood and Im sure this one will be tasty. One of the times I regret not being able to take prawns and other sea food!

  15. Flavorful blend of spices..the curry looks so inviting !


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