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carrot coconut milk kheer pudding recipe

 The whole week ran away and me still deciding what to make for this weeks foodiemoday coconutmilk challenge. And last night i was randamoly asking my hubby what he would like to have and i gave him a bundle of ideas what all i can make using coconut milk and you know what he simply said make some kheer out of it. And i was like kheer...hmmm that was not on my list though, for keeping up his word, today recipe has come up but with added goodness of carrots.
Today's recipe is easy and quick to make if you already have coconut milk at home,  i used store bought canned coconut milk.I made in no time less than 30mins and clicked them beautifully but then not so good thing happened. When i copied the pics and i pressed some shortcut on keyboards ...tadaaa...i lost the pics from the camera and also on laptop. I was hungry so ate my portion too before coping and i should thank god that i kept hubby's portion a side, so then i again clicked somehow in hurry burry but happy with the pics... i felt everything happens for good and bad experience give you some good lesson ....
How did kheer tasted: If you are coconut lover then surely you will love it.... it was creamy coconutty and yummy

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Level: Easy 
Total time: 20-30 mins
Serves: 2-3

1 cup = 240 ml
1 tablespoon : 15 ml
1 teaspoon: 5ml

Coconut Milk : 1 tin (Approx 500ml)
Carrots: 200gm
Brown/white sugar: 3 tablespoons(to taste)
Cardamom powder: 1/4th teaspoon (or use crushed pods 4)
Semiya/vermicelli : 2 tablespoons
Water: 1 cup
Pistachios, desiccated coconut for garnish

  • In a pan add water and clean chopped carrots and boil it for 7-10 mins until the carrots are almost cooked. Separate the carrot and water (Reserve it) and blend the carrots roughly.
  • In another pan heat the coconut milk, when it starts boiling turn the heat to low and then add carrot puree, sugar and cardamom powder/crushed cardamom pods and bring the mixture to boiling point and turn the heat to low . Now add vermicelli/semiya and cook for 5 more mins on low until the vermicelli/semiya is cooked. Check the consistency if required add reserved water from boiled carrots or add more milk. And once again bring to boil and the heat off.
  • Garnish with pistachios , desiccated coconut and enjoy chilled or warm.

    You can use white sugar instead of brown sugar.... i used brown sugar to get some caramel flavour.
    If you don't have coconut milk then simply use full fat normal milk instead.

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    1. Lovely Nisa!! I never think about this combination... sounds so tempting... thx grl for sharing

    2. Loved the recipe. Gluten free kheer looks delicious. Amazing idea.

    3. What a divine combo Nisa...carrot and coconut 👌🏼


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