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Klepon Indonesian Sweet Rice Balls

Today's recipe is all the way from Indonesia... yes its far southeast country. For this months MFBC challenge we got to select a recipe from Indonesia and this is the first time i am trying a recipe from this country .... i was searching for easy recipe which is vegetarian but couldn't find many recipes to try and the ones which i found needs some local products going in but atlast i found a recipe called Klepon which is simply a rice balls which are stuffed with palm sugar akka gud (in hindi) and if we don't have palm sugar then we can make use of brown sugar and i did used it in the recipe.

Level: Medium
Total Time: 50min-1 hr
1 cup: 250ml
1 tablespoon: 15ml
1 teaspoon: 5 ml

Recipe is adapted from here 


Rice Flour: 100gm
Lukewarm Water: 100ml
Palm Sugar/ Brown Sugar: as required
Shreded /Fresh grated coconut for rolling 
Food Colour


Mix the rice powder with the lukewarm water and green food coloring into a firm but flexible dough.
Pull off  tablespoon full of  dough and shape it into a ball with approximately 2½ cm (1 inch) in diameter.
Push a finger into the center of the ball to make a hole, and put in approximately ½ teaspoon of the brown sugar. Seal, and roll it back into the ball shape with the palms of your hands.
Prepare all the balls and set them aside.
Prepare a pot half filled with water and bring it to a boil.
Drop the balls into the boiling water. Remove the balls with a spoon once they float to the water surface and then roll the balls in the grated coconut.
Serve at room temperature.

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  1. wooow woow woow they looks!So simple recipe,loved it!

  2. This is such an interesting recipe... I didn't come across this while searching but definitely an easy one and so close to our Indian desserts too... :)

  3. Before reading the instructions, I assumed it is steamed or fried but then I was surprised its cooked in water! At least for the method of cooking, I want to try this! :-)

  4. By looking at the pic I thought it must be a tediuos job...but to my surprise they are so easy to make. And almost similar to some dishes which we make in Mangalore

  5. Wow such an easy and yummy recipe!Lovely click :)

  6. Lovely photo. looks Very delicous


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